Interesting Facts about McDonald’s


More than 75 burgers per second

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

McDonald’s is one of the richest companies in the world. On the day of this fast-food chain produces 6 million hamburgers around the world. Annual income of a corporation is 27 billion dollars, leading to 90 out of McDonald’s 100 most wealthy and profitable businesses in the world.

McDonald’s is the largest distributor of toys

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

How so? And here’s how: McDonald’s glorified everywhere popular sets Happy mil, which made McDonald’s the world’s largest distributor of toys.

Salad at McDonalds more harmful to your body than burgers

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

It would seem, even coming to McDonald’s, you can keep the shape and choose something more than the standard diet, the hamburger. But no: due to the high-calorie ingredients, sauces and salads at McDonald’s may be even more harmful for the shape than the good old Burger.

No horses in Poppy-car!

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

Immediately I want to ask: “and what, someone tried?” Yes, tried it. One Englishman somehow drove in Mack-auto on horseback and was fined.

The Queen owns one of McDonald’s restaurants

Interesting Facts about McDonald'sJust because it can. Indeed, the Queen bought one of the restaurants of this network. As you might have guessed, it is close to Buckingham Palace. Maybe she just wanted to close has always been a place where you can quickly grab a bite? But most likely she just decided to increase his fortune on a couple of million. … burgers.

70% of orders in the world — orders with MC auto

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

Is! What seems like the entire complement of restaurants, brings him the largest portion of income.

Director of McDonald’s earn ten times more than the staff

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

Just imagine: the amount a restaurant employee earns for 7 months, the Director earns per hour!

Avoid junk food!

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

This Board was placed in the article, which was published on the website of the restaurant and contained recommendations for employees.

Hot dogs and pizza at McDonald’s

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

Few people know, but initially in Mcdonalds sold hot dogs. Then the network still belonged to the brothers Makdonal’dam. But later, the restaurant was bought by businessman named Ray Croc, who replaced hot dogs to hamburgers.

Was in the history of the restaurant and another time when, along with burgers, McDonald’s could buy a pizza. The truth is she’s not caught because its need to cook longer than burgers. Some restaurants, however, States such as Ohio and Virginia, pizza is still for sale.

In McDonald’s worked every 8 people on Earth

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

McDonald’s employs a million people annually. Now, imagine how many people hired this company for its entire history. As a result, each 8 people in the world have ever worked at McDonald’s.

New restaurant opens every 14.5 hours

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

Just imagine, every day somewhere in the world a new dot restaurant chain McDonald’s.

Crazy ingredients

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

That the composition of the food we buy at McDonalds, quite specific, everyone knows. But what ingredients make doctors around the world say that our favorite burgers are harmful to health? In addition to fried meat itself hard to master, in sauces McDonald’s contains ingredients which are used in the production of creams, foams for drinking and various lotions. Most famous, perhaps, propylene glycol.

The frantic flow of customers every day


Interesting Facts about McDonald's

Imagine: 62 million shoppers per day. This is the number of people who visit the restaurant daily worldwide. It’s more than the population of the whole of the UK.

Beer and Mcdonalds

Interesting Facts about McDonald's

It is clear that people in different countries have different biases with respect to food and drink. So in America buyers like soda, and all American McDonald’s restaurants offer a wide range of these drinks. In Germany people are very fond of beer (which, in General, not surprisingly) so in German McDonald’s restaurants we can buy not only Burger, but beer.


Interesting Facts about McDonald's

Fast food restaurants are one of the largest manufacturers of … debris. Of course, McDonald’s, as one of the biggest networks, also involved in the pollution of our planet. Of course, the Corporation is working to reduce these figures by using recyclable materials, but this is only the beginning — they still have a long way to go.

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