Rich Children of Zimbabwe [40 photos]

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Zimbabwe is probably one of the poorest countries on the planet, but the children of local politicians and entrepreneurs prove that there is money in the country. They bathe in luxury when most of the inhabitants are starving. Welcome to … Read More

World Toilet Day

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Perhaps the oldest toilet (its age is 4.5 thousand years) was found in the territory of modern Pakistan. It is a brick structure with a seat, connected with underground sewage. Also, similar facilities were in China, Egypt and Ancient Rome. … Read More

Top-5 Fake World Sights

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Is a large list of hyperpopular world-famous attractions, which in fact are not real. Unfortunately, in our time, many monuments, if you dig a little deeper into their history, will at best be a novelty, or even a fake, whose … Read More

Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park, which is now 145 years old, is the world’s first national park created . Here in the vast territory are numerous geysers, mountain lakes and rivers, canyons and mysterious caves and a dormant supervolcano caldera. World’s First … Read More

Fashion Characters on the Streets of Tokyo

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Japan is an amazing country! Much that happens there, does not lend itself to our understanding. Such bright and fashionable characters can be found on the streets of Tokyo. 13.09.2017 Многое из происходящего там не поддается нашему пониманию. Вот таких … Read More